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Please note that we are unable to ship Tough Coat during the winter months as it will be damaged when travelling through extremely cold areas. We will start shipping it again as soon as we can in the spring when things warm up!

Maximum Protection

Tough Coat is an incredibly strong, water-based sealant. This is a very popular choice for people that want to seal kitchen cabinets, outdoor furniture, and table tops to make them water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and resistant to heavy wear and tear! As our strongest sealant, it offers maximum protection that will preserve your furniture’s surfaces for years to come.

How does Tough Coat differ from Clear Coat?

Tough Coat offers the highest durability and requires only two coats for maximum protection, whereas Clear Coat will require up to four coats. Tough Coat is VOC compliant and best suited for kitchen table tops, kitchen cabinets and outdoor furniture. Clear Coat, on the other hand is VOC free and has less of a learning curve. If you are not experienced with applying clear finishes, we suggest Clear Coat because it is more user-friendly than Tough Coat.

If you’d like to use a 100% natural product with light protection, try using a Wax or Hemp Oil.

Tough Coat Product Features:

  • Adds extremely durable protection for high-traffic projects such as kitchen cabinets
  • Adds a beautiful satin sheen
  • Water-based and non-yellowing
  • Suitable for exterior projects
  • Eco-friendly and VOC compliant

Important note: It is very important to make sure that you let your last coat of paint dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding with Tough Coat, otherwise you may end up with a streaky finish. If your work space is cold or humid, you’ll want to wait at least 72 hours so your paint coats have plenty of time to dry all the way through.